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Leaders Debate Drinking Game

Turn up with the PM LEADERS DEBATE DRINKING GAME!!! The Federal Election is under way. Obviously debates tend to be about as interesting for young viewers as an episode of Coronation Street, so we have c...

Tories and NDP fear the name Trudeau

Apparently some aspects of Harry Potter have rubbed off on Canadian politics. Alas, I'm not talking about flying cars, magic, Polyjuice potion, Quidditch and owls. Much like some characters in the series, se...

NDP Joins Attack Ad War

Attack ads are deplorable. They're bully tactics. They're so bad that politicians categorically condemn their usage, but still use them against their own opponents. For years, the Conservative Party of Canada h...

Greferendum Fever Hits Canadian Politics

Campaign season is underway in Canada- whether officially or not- as everything in the news is being used by one party to attack the others. This week's hilariously weak, but topical connections that were unnec...