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Political apathy in Canada is rampant. The True North Times has sprung up from the tundra to combat that very fact. We deal in Canadian political satire designed to engage the demographics that have a huge potential impact but are plagued by apathy. Our goal is not only to make Canadian politics accessible, it is to make it funny, to make it entertaining. The Canadian political scene has never been more amusing. Scandals, politicians who are more ridiculous than cartoon characters and a highly contested election on the horizon, where there will surely be blunders and comedic moments. The True North Times exists to capitalize on those moments. We want to bring the absurdity together in one place, comment on it and make you laugh. Join us for a laugh in the wonderful world of federal, provincial and municipal politics. And remember, we make fun of everyone equally and all the time, so if you feel that your favorites are being mocked too much, tell them to stop being so damn funny.



  • Simren Sandhu

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Simren, originally from Vancouver, always had a strange combination of interests: politics, entertainment, comedy, film, video games, and writing among them. Having pitched two television programs to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, spent some time working as an independent filmmaker for the Machinima network, and having spent a brief run as a video game journalist makes that eclectic mix abundantly clear. His latest project – The True North Times – was born from a simultaneous frustration with a lack of quality satire in Canadian politics, and a love for written humour. When he’s not writing screenplays or playing Morrowind for the 1,000th time, Simren can be found eating butter chicken or procrastinating on homework.
  • Daniel Etcovitch

    Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Strategy Officer
    Daniel is a Montrealer who had always believed that laughter speaks louder than words. His background in both political science and in public relations, specifically for the tech sector, made him eager to pull the two together and use his powers for good (and by good he means making fun of people more important than him). He is always looking for good pitches, new partners and interesting connections for The True North Times, so feel free to contact him!
  • Max Seltzer

    Chief Operating Officer and Editor-in-Chief
    Max, Montreal born and raised, rules over the TNT newsroom with both compassion and tyranny. Pursuing Economics and Finance, he has a passion for numbers, but also loves his words. Around Headquarters, writers cry out in pain over an Oxford comma just as often as they sigh about compliance with the newest editorial calendar. Joking aside, Max adores politics and satire, and loves each article like a child. When not working on TNT, Max enjoys writing epic poems and dramas, brewing beer, and engaging in quasi-philosophical debates on subjects about which he is definitely not qualified to muse.





  • Michael Luba

    Assignment Editor
    Michael is a Torontonian and a proud graduate of Quest University in Squamish, British Columbia. His professional affiliations include the Quest Coast Kingz and the Hooded Cobra Crew. He plays rugby 7s and snowboards somewhat seriously. He also wrestles recreationally. He has a keen interest in Scandinavian and French histories, and can write a 16 bar rap verse in under 3 minutes.
  • Alex Custodio

    Senior Editor
    Alex is Montreal-born and, though she is proud to live in Canada, she doesn’t mind poking fun at her country every now and again. With a background in English literature and a history of perpetually correcting everyone’s grammar – yeah, she’s a hit at parties – editing simply seemed a natural calling. She is always eager to read new articles and hear new opinions, and she will happily discuss the intricacies of the English language with anyone at great length.
  • Dexter Docherty

    Senior Correspondent
    Dexter is a Vancouver born idiot now studying in Montreal. A editors nightmaire because of his horrendous spellin and grammer he apparently has enough funny things to say to warrant being a “senior correspondent.” This title is even more preposterous when we learn about Dexter’s fear and hatred of seniors, or “gross, prune-like zombies” as he calls them. He is valuable member of this team because of his uncanny ability to say something stupid about everything and also he is friends with one of the founders so it’d be weird if we didn’t publish his garbage articles.



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