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Hey there, neighbour neighbor! We heard you may or may not be having some doubts about your upcoming presidential election following Super Tuesday. While it’s been a time-honored tradition for Americans to declare they’re moving to Canada when they feel slightly uncomfortable, there are a few conditions attached to immigration. Sadly, you cannot pack up your bags and move to another country because it’s nearby. We know it’s hard to imagine there’s a process, because we’re basically the same country. We have our refugee problems, too. Fear not, for we have made a handy step-by-step list to help you learn how to move to Canada.

Welcome to our home and native land.

  • bmairs


  • Demertria15

    So, as an old retired person I just have to suffer and watch USA collapse? No one really wants old. Ageism is so ageist!!!!

  • SerialApeist

    How do I move to the US!! I hate socialism, and now our dumbass PM is trying to force a BS carbon tax on everyone.

    • Carlyle Chaparral

      That’s easy… fly to Mexico and walk in. Everybody’s doing it.

  • SerialApeist

    Trump2016 BTW

  • Janez

    HELL NO to America left wing liberal loons coming to my country.
    Go to Saudi Arabia or Syria and spread your “progressive” views there.
    you’ll find out how much the muzzies really like you and your ways…