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Foreign Affairs

When Canada interacts with other countries, we make fun of it.

How To Move To Canada: A Guide For Americans

Hey there, neighbour neighbor! We heard you may or may not be having some doubts about your upcoming presidential election following Super Tuesday. While it's been a time-honored tradition for Americans to decl...

How the Brits see Canada

Are We More Than a Former Colony? Huffington Post   What does the world think about us? This question is pondered by many Canadians, and often leads to us exaggerating how much anyone actually care...

How the United States sees Canada

Are we more than hockey loving stereotypes? Wikiemedia Commons What does the world think about us? This question is often pondered by so many Canadians and often leads to us exaggerating how much anyone ac...

Former Democratic President turns Conservative

Apparently floor crossers do exist in the United States, for one of their former Democratic Presidents has been accepted into the fold of the Conservative Party of Canada. How did a retired US President swea...

TPP Sans Canada?

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a trade deal designed to loosen trade restrictions for 40% of the global economy. While not yet completed, it aims to include a diverse group of countries. A CBC report su...

Netanyahu and Harper: A Dynamic Duo

Israeli Conservative Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu retains his position after a divisive election campaign. The leader of the right wing Likud Party has seen plummeting popularity in his native land; the in...

American Thanksgiving (Fakesgiving) is Here!

Yes, it’s that time of year again. When turkeys run about gobbling, and Americans slay them in the name of thanks. But wait, isn’t real Thanksgiving in October? Well folks, lucky for you, True North Times is he...