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Last night, millions of Americans who left their TVs on and/or are above the age of 75 were treated to a 60 Minutes profile on Justin Trudeau. The segment comes ahead of Trudeau’s state dinner, an honour last given to a Prime Minister over 10 years ago. We can only imagine Stephen Harper wasn’t given the privilege because he would likely do whatever the hell he calls ‘singing.’

It’s good to see Americans taking some sort of distant, superficial interest in Canada. Except, when they took an interest, they got some things completely wrong. For instance, the show talked about Justin Trudeau’s mother, Margaret Trudeau, while gracing audiences with a picture of actress Kim Catrall. Even when they seem to take an interest in us, it goes horribly wrong.

Kim Catrall herself expressed her excitement, tweeting (for some reason) to the Australian TV show “Sixty Minutes” that news of her motherhood comes as a surprise. The legends must be true: Pierre Trudeau could impregnate you with a mere glance. It’s no surprise, however, that Justin took after his not-mother and pursued acting for a brief stint. Though, she still seems proud of her son-but-not-really-son’s choice to enter the less glamorous field of politics.

Judging by the fawning and praise that Justin Trudeau received, there isn’t much difference.