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From Toronto to Queen’s Park, though the Ontario election is over, news in the province hasn’t slowed down.

John Tory: Pretty Fly, for a White Guy

Toronto mayor John Tory is doing his best to make everyone forget about world renowned crack-mayor Rob Ford by being even more ridiculous. Tory is quickly becoming the nerdy father of everyone's nightmares thro...

Pembroke Ontario’s Second Annual Pride

With Toronto still reeling from a double hangover of Pride coupled with Canada Day, it would be easy to overlook Ontario (and quite possibly Canada's) smallest Pride Parade. On June 22nd, Pembroke Ontario, a (b...

Ontario PCs and Alberta Choose New Leaders

This month saw several new leaders on the Canadian political scene, notably an NDP Premier in Alberta, Rachel Notley, and a new leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, Conservative MP for Barri...

Conservative Parents Endorse Playing Hooky in Ontario

Conservative parents in Ontario are standing up for their children’s rights to remain blissfully unaware of things like jerking off and same-sex marriage.  I doubt the kids in grades 3-7 care much about what th...

TTC’s Phallic Sign: Perils of Public Enterprise

Public enterprise can be as cumbersome as Peter MacKay in a speedo, but that doesn't mean it's all bad all the time. On Tuesday, for example, the Toronto Transit Commission gave Canada’s largest city (!) a reas...

Former Ontario Premier Goes to Pot

While Tories enjoy blaming the Ontario Liberals for the decrepit state of the province’s social services, for Ontario’s staggering deficit, and for the manufacturing sector’s decline, there may be another culpr...

New Ontario Road Signs: Bright and Expensive

If road signs are any indication, Ontario has a bright future. The province recently unveiled their brand-new, made-in-Ontario LED road signs, which aim to remind drivers of the common sense laws they know they...

Harper and Wynne Meet in Toronto

Those in the know suspect that Stephen Harper and Kathleen Wynne hate each other. Even without a rigorous evaluation of this claim, it is easy to see how it could be true. Both politicians represent different p...