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(MAP) Indecision 2015: A Look Back At 2011 Results

While Canadians are already in the thick of the current federal election, it’s important to look back at what brought the political landscape to its current state. In the interactive map above, you’ll find an illustration of what was the most groundbreaking election in recent Canadian history. The Conservative party, holding power through the Great Recession, gained its first majority government. The Liberals, ousted from power for 5 years, faced the biggest defeat in their party’s history. The New Democratic Party, under the watch of the charismatic Jack Layton filled the centre-left power vacuum and crushed the Bloc Quebecois presence to the point where they lost official party status. It was pretty funny. When the dust settled, the Conservatives had a solid majority, the NDP formed Official Opposition in their historic electoral win, and the Liberals were left in ruins. All in all, it was a fun time.