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If you’re Canadian (congratulations), chances are, you’ve heard a thing or two about the Conservative party’s leadership race. So far, the playing field has been vibrant, littered with former Cabinet ministers with memorable names like Steve, Chris, Brad, and Andrew. Oh, and there’s America’s Canadian sweetheart, Kevin O’Leary. Contrary to popular belief, he is a far cry from a shamelessly divisive, made-in-Canada version of a certain figure in the United States. If anyone wants to “make Canada great again” it’s Kellie Leitch.

Since launching her campaign, the former Minister of Labour and person you would find eating egg salad at a public library has received a slew of endorsements. Her supporters include three MPs and a Senator. There were two Senators, but they have since taken back their endorsement. Sober second thought and all.

She’s attracted controversy for proposing a “Canadian values” test for newcomers to the country.  We can only assume this includes unoriginal renditions of American productions, with a light touch of insecurity. Leitch was universally denounced by Conservative party members, and even her own former staff. Loyal viewers of the “Lets Create Canadian Nationalism” saga should not be surprised to know that Leitch was one of the individuals responsible for the “barbaric cultural practices” tip-line that was proposed in 2015. She even issued a teary apology for her role in the debacle. Her role model would likely have called her “Fake Tears Leitch.”

So, what sort of trouble has Leitch gotten into this time? Well, take a look for yourself.

For those who cannot read Middle French, the front page of LaPresse was reporting on the horrific attack that occurred in a Quebec city mosque last week. The photo on the left shows a distraught man being searched. On the right hand side, you can see a thoughtfully placed ad for the Leitch campaign, reminding us all that immigrants should be screened for Canadian values. In the corporate world, we would call that “synergy.” Why? I don’t know. Nobody really knows what it means. In any other context, we would call that disgusting.

Sure, the poorly placed advertisement, sandwiched between a heartbreaking photo and another from a solidarity march can be seen as offensive, moronic, and in poor taste. But, if anything, this omnishambles of a move showed Conservative party voters, and Canadians in general where Kellie Leitch gets her infamy from.

Who said Canadians lacked the opportunism of their American neighbours?