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Western Canada

The Alberta election was apocalyptic and British Columbia is always busy being crazy. Read about all the politics and news.

QUIZ – BC Election 2017: Who Should You Vote For ?

It's election time in British Columbia. After failing miserably in the last election, despite favourable polling, the BC NDP is ready to fight the governing Liberals. There's several issues on the table: Pipeli...

Calgarians Trying to Weed Out Deborah Drever

Newly elected 26-year-old Alberta MLA Deborah Drever is facing calls for her removal after scandalous photos circulated the internet. To the disappointment of perverts everywhere, these photos are not explicit ...

5 New Jobs for Jim Prentice

If you think anything is certain in politics, consider Jim Prentice. Prentice entered last week's election as Alberta's Premier and left as, well, a big loser. He and his PC buddies thought they had it won righ...

NDP Wins Majority in Alberta, Apocalypse to Follow

As of this writing, Rachel Notley’s New Democrats have claimed 54 seats in the Alberta legislature, well past the threshold of 44 that allows them to call a majority government. With the Wildrose and Progressiv...

Alberta 2015 – LIVE Coverage

Election day in Alberta is finally here. It's going to be a strange and confusing phenomenon to be sure. Will hell actually freeze over and Albertans elect a NDP government? Are the polls making a huge mistake ...

Alberta Campaign Takes Surprising, Phallic Turn

Last week, we wrote about the Alberta NDP, a party that has surged in the polls despite having offered Alberta nothing more than a leader, a few photos, and a promise to be better than everyone else. The platfo...

Platformless NDP Surges in Alberta

Despite its youth, the Alberta election campaign is already one of the most interesting this country has ever seen. Mere days after PC Premier Jim Prentice called an election for early May, his party has tanked...