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It was only a matter of time. Justin is a Trudeau. We always knew he had a dark side. It was only a matter of time.

It appears that, while trying to conduct a vote on the government’s assisted dying bill, some NDP members of parliament were deliberately blocking the way of Conservative Whip Gord Brown. Tensions escalated and Prime Minister Trudeau strode to the center of the House and saved Mr. Brown by pulling him away. In the process, he elbowed NDP MP Ruth Ellen Brosseau.

History remembers the pivotal strikes that led to devastating conflict. The Nazi invasion of Poland in 1939. The fall of Constantinople in 1453. The untimely fate of Charles the Good, Count of Flanders in 1127. Today…on this fateful day, Prime Minister Justin Pierre James Trudeau of Canada declared war. The House of Commons was helpless.

“Elbowgate”, or more appropriately, “Chesticide” took everyone off guard. Usually when people want to stop a deliberate blocking of a vote, they just call the accused Ted Cruz.

Our representatives, media figures, business leaders, innovators, great philosophers, and countrymen took to Twitter to denounce the aggression of Attila the Hun Justin Trudeau.


Trudeau only ever knew a rough-and-tumble life on the streets. You should see his one-man performance of West Side Story.

This is serious, Andrew.

That’s more like it.

Even Mulcair, former-current-former leader of the NDP gave the Prime Minister a barrage of verbal grilling. It’s good to see old Tom back.

Meanwhile, former Prime Minister Harper stood in the corner of the House looking like he was a little happy that he wasn’t the leader of the country anymore.

Other responses include MP Peter Julian comparing Trudeau’s actions to when his beloved aunt was mercilessly beaten, or the tried-and-true “we just joined third world unruly parliaments.”





When we look back on the fall of the nation, and on the public’s naivety when electing the most aggressive dictator in history, we will remember things like this. I thought we would have learned from history by now. Alas, we are doomed to repeat it.

  • prompteetsincere

    “Assisted dying” of Parliament’s procedure and protocol:
    and thereby of everyone else!

  • A.IN.Canada

    Politically incorrect Mr JT………I Like it …..and will vote for you again. You can see the BS that goes on in the HOC…….stalling……by the NDP…..Cons………question period BS….I pay their wages with my tax dollars as do millions of tax payers. I say get on with it and move to the next job at hand Maybe is was not politically correct but it was morally correct….I know you didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

  • wolfganger

    Well now, JT certainly has the “direct approach”! Good for him! Besides, didn’t Ruth Ellen ever play any field hockey? A whack in the chest? No biggie! Hey, Parliament is a collision sport!

    • Murray_is_a_GENIUS

      She was a bartender for awhile so you can be sure she threw some louts out. She overexaggerated, the frame by frame film shows her having a ball then suddenly fainting. A+ acting.

  • Dan M

    Another example of why it’s actually a good thing Canadians banned themselves from firearms. You won’t see this in the US Congress, because Americans actually are more civil, at least physically, than anyone.

  • Robert Widdowson

    If it had been Harper, the PM would have been verbally murdered by the media. Since it’s not, we get these fluff pieces.

  • JimmieJ

    Give the guy a break – kind of hard to miss.

  • congressive

    I love you, Canada. We’re still waiting for an apology for tens of thousands of brain injuries and deaths from a war based on lies, and tortures committed in our name and with our tax dollars here in the U.S.

  • Krupotkin

    What’s the big deal? It’s Canada. No blood was drawn and nobody lost any teeth. Two minutes for elbowing and two for interference. Then, he’s back on the ice.

  • Netwie

    Anyone who doesn’t think that Trudeau’s globalist policies are bad for Canada,isn’t reading the right material.Wait till thePM meets with Trump,watch the feedback.Yasir naqvi is more of a liability to the PM than Dione.