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The most distinct province also comes with a ton of crazy political news. Here’s all our Quebec coverage.

10 Phrases the Quebec Language Police Should Enforce

The Office Québécois de la Langue Française (OQLF), lovingly labeled the "language police" by most folk, have added a new word to their dictionary. If you are someone with a certain affinity towards food, you c...

Quebec Students to Strike (Again)

Over 30,000 students have voted to strike in the province of Quebec. The reason: the Couillard Government’s austerity measures. Much like the student strikes of 2012, individual faculties and student unions ...

Harper: Quebec Not Leftist, Radio-Canada Is

According to a radio interview Stephen Harper gave two weeks ago, the majority of Quebecers aren’t “leftist” in the Prime Minister’s mind. Instead he accused Radio-Canada of being run by people who hate “conser...

Protesters Occupy Montreal Scotiabank, Make Mess

Oh, Quebec. At around 9:30AM this morning, 50 members of "Le Front d’action populaire en réaménagement urbain (FRAPRU)" occupied the Scotiabank Tower in downtown Montreal for about half an hour. They made a lot...

Conservatives Surge in Quebec Amid Niqab Criticism

A new poll from EKOS shows that Stephen Harper seems to have increased his party's support in Quebec with 22% of the popular vote. It suggests that the Tories may win nearly 20 seats in Quebec in the next elect...