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Hard hitting and hilarious exclusive interviews with everyone from party leaders to mayoral candidates.

Interview with an MP: Libby Davies

In what we hope to make a continuing segment that turns the usually boring robotic suit dummies in Ottawa into regular relatable human beings, the True North Times Interview with a Member of Parliament is back ...

Interview with an MP: Marc Garneau

Astronaut-turned-politician Marc Garneau may be the coolest man in Parliament. The first Canadian to go to space (take that Chris Hadfield) is also apparently hilarious, which makes him one of the True North Ti...

Interview with an MP: Hélène Laverdière

With the NDP surging in the polls and the (un)timely return of Gilles Duceppe to Federal Politics, I reached out to Hélène Laverdière, the New Democratic Member of Parliament for Laurier-Sainte Marie, who of co...

Interview: Ezra Levant, Founder of TheRebel.Media

Last week, The True North Times had the chance to chat with Ezra Levant, human rights activist, lawyer, and freedom fighter. In order to offer an independent, alternative media platform in Canada, Levant has re...