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Business magnate, TV personality, and guy who orders well-done steak, Kevin O’Leary, has ended his bid for leadership of the Conservative party. Dubbed by lazy people many as ‘Canada’s Trump’, the controversial personality called it quits before the party’s next and final leadership debate in Toronto.

The sweet taste of failure

O’Leary garnered much criticism in the past months for his campaign style, which mainly included not being…in Canada. No, this isn’t exactly a ‘Michael Ignatieff is just visiting’ thing, but he spent days during the campaign in the United States, unleashing his wisdom on cable news shout-matches. Oh, he also sold his wine on a shopping network, too.

Much like the fecal aftertaste of his wine, Mr. O’Leary has endorsed Maxime Bernier, the guy who he implied was involved in vote rigging. Bernier called O’Leary a “loser” over those allegations. He should probably disavow the endorsement. No one wants to be friends with a loser.

The man who called our Prime Minister a “disaster” and a mere “surfer dude” has left because he felt Quebec would not embrace him in a general election. Because he doesn’t speak French. That’s exactly why they wouldn’t accept him. No other reason at all.

Pictured: Kevin O’Leary standing proudly in front of his nation’s flag, with his Shark Tank co-stars.

His announcement comes just as the ‘failing lame-stream fake liberal lying CNN Jake Tapper unfair biased’ outlets in the United States report that an executive order to withdraw our American neighbours from NAFTA is underway. He must be worried that they’ll impose a 20% tariff on the Canadian export as he renters the US.

So, au revoir, Kevin. I’d say we hardly knew ye, but we both know that’s not true. Say hi to Mark Cuban for us.