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Regional Politics

Each part of Canada is unique, so we treat them like special snowflakes.

Alberta 2015 – LIVE Coverage

Election day in Alberta is finally here. It's going to be a strange and confusing phenomenon to be sure. Will hell actually freeze over and Albertans elect a NDP government? Are the polls making a huge mistake ...

Alberta Campaign Takes Surprising, Phallic Turn

Last week, we wrote about the Alberta NDP, a party that has surged in the polls despite having offered Alberta nothing more than a leader, a few photos, and a promise to be better than everyone else. The platfo...

Platformless NDP Surges in Alberta

Despite its youth, the Alberta election campaign is already one of the most interesting this country has ever seen. Mere days after PC Premier Jim Prentice called an election for early May, his party has tanked...

Top 7 Jobs Danielle Smith Could Still Do

There was some big news out of Alberta this evening-- ex-Wildrose leader Danielle Smith has lost a nomination battle in the riding of Highwood. Smith was hoping to enter the Alberta legislature under the Progre...

Quebec Students to Strike (Again)

Over 30,000 students have voted to strike in the province of Quebec. The reason: the Couillard Government’s austerity measures. Much like the student strikes of 2012, individual faculties and student unions ...

Taber, Alberta Outlaws Yelling, Spitting, and Swearing

Stop the presses! Just kidding. Print media is dead. Alberta, a “have-ish” province, is suffering from a budgetary crisis, a Premier who has smelt it but hath not dealt it, and a traumatic loss of provincial...

Selinger Remains Manitoba NDP Leader

After a very close leadership convention with a final vote of 759 to 726, the Manitoba NDP elected to keep party leader Greg Selinger rather than chief opponent, former cabinet minister, and current MLA for Sei...

Harper: Quebec Not Leftist, Radio-Canada Is

According to a radio interview Stephen Harper gave two weeks ago, the majority of Quebecers aren’t “leftist” in the Prime Minister’s mind. Instead he accused Radio-Canada of being run by people who hate “conser...