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Regional Politics

Each part of Canada is unique, so we treat them like special snowflakes.

Calgarians Trying to Weed Out Deborah Drever

Newly elected 26-year-old Alberta MLA Deborah Drever is facing calls for her removal after scandalous photos circulated the internet. To the disappointment of perverts everywhere, these photos are not explicit ...

P.E.I. Liberal Wins on a Coin Toss

Canadians may not be able to bet on sporting events before the next election, but it seems as though gambling is enshrined in our electoral system. Oh, we’ve all heard that the Prime Minister or the Opposition ...

Ontario PCs and Alberta Choose New Leaders

This month saw several new leaders on the Canadian political scene, notably an NDP Premier in Alberta, Rachel Notley, and a new leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario, Conservative MP for Barri...

10 Phrases the Quebec Language Police Should Enforce

The Office Québécois de la Langue Française (OQLF), lovingly labeled the "language police" by most folk, have added a new word to their dictionary. If you are someone with a certain affinity towards food, you c...

5 New Jobs for Jim Prentice

If you think anything is certain in politics, consider Jim Prentice. Prentice entered last week's election as Alberta's Premier and left as, well, a big loser. He and his PC buddies thought they had it won righ...

Conservative Parents Endorse Playing Hooky in Ontario

Conservative parents in Ontario are standing up for their children’s rights to remain blissfully unaware of things like jerking off and same-sex marriage.  I doubt the kids in grades 3-7 care much about what th...

Liberals Win Landslide in PEI

Red Haired Anne’s red sanded island carries the colour into the P.E.I. Legislature once again as the Liberals are swept back in with a majority government under new leader Wade MacLauchlin, Canada’s second open...

NDP Wins Majority in Alberta, Apocalypse to Follow

As of this writing, Rachel Notley’s New Democrats have claimed 54 seats in the Alberta legislature, well past the threshold of 44 that allows them to call a majority government. With the Wildrose and Progressiv...