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From Toronto to Queen’s Park, though the Ontario election is over, news in the province hasn’t slowed down.

Humans Of Ford Nation

  Of all the political niches active in Canada today, there is arguably no group as intriguing, confusing and misunderstood as the supporters of Rob Ford. On July 25, photographer James Hunter and I...

Ford Fest 2014: A Political Event in All But Name

Tonight marks Ford Fest 2014, the annual Ford Family celebration of all things Ford, especially Rob, the prodigal son. From 5PM onwards at Thomson Park, in Scarborough, you can join thousands of others to ge...

Poll Shows Rob Ford Within Range of Victory?

A new poll by Forum Research out this morning shows Olivia Chow's support cratering, and Ford's...not really doing any better, but he's now statistically tied with Chow and Tory. Well, at least Rob Ford's in a ...

New Ontario Healthcare Project Gets a Failing Grade

Mo' (lost) Money Mo' Problems. The Ontario government sure has an amazing track record when it comes to matters of provincial healthcare. As if racking up a billion-dollar bill in the eHealth scandal (remembe...

Rob Ford’s Debate Homecoming: The Return of the King

Imagine a pitch-black room. Out of the darkness, a spotlight shines down from the ceiling. Down drops a microphone, suspended by a wire, which a man confidently grabs out of the air. He smirks, knowing that wit...

Drake Makes History: Announces His Next Album Title

1967: Montreal hosts the World Expo 1982: Queen Elizabeth signs the Canadian Constitution into law 1999: Nunavut is established as Canada's third territory Every fifteen years or so something extraordinary h...