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From Toronto to Queen’s Park, though the Ontario election is over, news in the province hasn’t slowed down.

Ford Says What? An Interactive Site

We all know that Rob Ford and his family have said some pretty crazy things. The Toronto mayor has made a fool of himself on countless occasions, and his brother Doug has made some comments that are hard to bel...

Poll: Chow Behind Ford, Tory in Clear Lead

Tory 35%, Ford 27%, Chow 25%. Those are the topline numbers in the latest Forum poll for Toronto. Since July 21st, Tory has surged ahead 7%, Chow has sank by 4%, and Ford has somehow retained the exact same lev...

Wrongfully Convicted Man Permitted To Sue Prosecutors

Every dog has its day, and in the case of the wrongfully accused Romeo Phillion, that day could mean $14 million in damages. Yesterday, Ontario’s Court of Appeals ruled that Romeo Phillion, a man who was wro...

Too Many Toronto Mayoral Debates? Here’s Why

Between today and the October 27th election, take a guess how many Toronto mayoral debates there are that feature the five major candidates? Did you guess a very high ten debates? Well you’re wrong. There are a...

Tanya Champagne Increases Pressure in Timmins

The time is drawing near for the big election everyone across Canada has been talking about.  No, not the 2015 federal election. Think sooner. No, you’re wrong again, not the 2014 Toronto Mayoral election. Thin...