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1967: Montreal hosts the World Expo

1982: Queen Elizabeth signs the Canadian Constitution into law

1999: Nunavut is established as Canada’s third territory

Every fifteen years or so something extraordinary happens that changes the course of Canadian history.

Today, on July 15 2014, that day has once again come.

This morning, Canadian rap super-duper-star Drake (aka OH MY @$%# GOD ITS DRAKE) announced the title of his fourth LP, and as can be predicted whenever Drake does anything, the entire Internet imploded unto itself. Rather than naming his album after another familiar yet ominous catchphrase (i.e. ‘Take Care’, ‘Nothing Was The Same’, ‘So Far Gone’), Toronto’s honorary mayor decided to put on for his hometown and call his fourth official masterpiece “View From The 6”.

 Yes. The 6. Implying the 416. Toronto’s area code. Toronto, Ontario. Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Canada! That’s us, guys!!!!


A defining moment in Canadian heritageHuffington Post

A defining moment in Canadian heritage
Huffington Post | Wallpapersas


Now it’s not clear whether Drake’s announcement will affect the federal election next year nor whether it will be considered when the Supreme Court rules on the Northern Gateway pipeline and Aboriginal land rights, but in terms of making Canada look cool, this is a huge step.

People all over the world want to know what Drake is doing, thinking and rapping at all times, and if The Great Drake releases an entire album about experiencing the world at large from the viewpoint of ‘the 6’, then at the very least, people are going to wonder what the ‘6’ is, which is Toronto. (Well, probably. It’s probably Toronto.)

On behalf of the city of Toronto, thank you Drake, for giving Canada this type of cool-credibility, and because of this we’re sure tourists will flood to Toronto in the coming weeks and months in order to see just what the view from the 6 really is.

Thank you, Drake, for making history.