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From Toronto to Queen’s Park, though the Ontario election is over, news in the province hasn’t slowed down.

Ontarians Not Yet Safe From Nuclear Disaster

This summer has possibly been the most morbidly depressing span of time in recent memory. From constant war in the Israel, Iraq, Ukraine, and Syria, to ebola hemorrhagic fever plaguing Africa, and the recent ea...

Raccoon for Mayor? Could Be The Way to Beat Rob Ford

Canada has begun to writhe at the notion that Rob Ford still has re-election within his reach. With thirty different candidates of amazingly poor quality, Ford is still in the top three. Actually he's number tw...

Anti-NFL Protest Burns Bon Jovi CDs in Toronto

Bon Jovi has recently considered buying a stake in the NFL football team in Buffalo, the Bills, with the intention of moving the franchise to Toronto.  You would think Torontonians would sing “It's My Life” fro...

Masturbators Party of Ontario Refused Recognition

Ontario has gone to the dogs—and not because they do a better job with peanut butter than most people can do with their hands. The 2014 election, in which Ontarians approved the Liberals’ big government budget,...

Toronto Medical Officer Pushing for E-Cigarette Ban

In a world slowly being tainted by Justin Trudeau's sinful, liberal pot enthusiasts, great strides have been made in the city of Toronto in the hopes that we may one day live in a world void of any inhaling at ...