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Foreign Affairs

When Canada interacts with other countries, we make fun of it.

Text of Canada-EU Trade Agreement (CETA) Leaked

Two weeks after Germany hinted at rejecting core provisions of the Canada-EU Trade Agreement (CETA), trade advocates probably thought that the ground they were breaking was shifting uneasily. Yesterday, it fell...

Canada Sending Icebreakers to Arctic

In a recent development in Canada’s struggle for Arctic sovereignty, our government is sending two icebreakers to explore the Eastern side of the very Canadian sounding “Lomonosov Ridge.” Reasons for supporting...

Harper Responds to New Sanctions on Russia

After Canada issued new economic sanctions on Wednesday in response to Russian aggression in Ukraine, Vladimir Putin responded with the diplomatic equivalent of “yeah? Well screw you too.” The Russian prime ...

Canada Blames China for NRC Espionage

Ah Espionage, an activity as sexy as the word sounds. Sharp tuxedos, beautiful Eastern European women, an evil fat guy with a monocle and a Russian accent, and shoe telephones. Although during the Cold War Cana...

New Detroit-Windsor Bridge Team Announced

Sorry, Matty Maroun, but the Detroit-Windsor bridge is going ahead as planned. In a press conference today in Windsor, ON, Canadian Transit Minister Lisa Raitt and Michigan Governor Rick Snyder named their r...