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Foreign Affairs

When Canada interacts with other countries, we make fun of it.

Canada Still Hasn’t Given Aid to the Ukraine

Canada stands in solidarity with Ukraine and its people. Prime Minister Harper has been a shining beacon of light on the world stage, denouncing the old Soviet-era mindset of Putin's Russia. This government has...

When Not to Travel: Israel Under Travel Advisory

We've all seen it. You're waiting around a luggage carousel after a five hour flight. You're exhausted, sweaty, and aggravated. The flight attendant was rude, the plane was cramped, and the flight took off 2 ho...

Drunk At Sea: Time To Ban Booze In The Navy?

Could Canada’s Navy be going dry? Don't bet any beer on it. Following “recent incidents” involving sailor misconduct, the Royal Canadian Navy has launched a review of its policies and procedures. What is the...

Navy Officers’ Misconduct Sends Warship Home

The Royal Canadian Navy has ordered the withdrawal of the HMCS Whitehorse warship from the largest international naval exercise in the world. Vice Admiral Mark Norman gave three separate incidents as grounds fo...

Canada Day: Some Foreign Diplomats Aren’t Invited

Vlad Putin is a big stinking meany head. He's a big bully and we don't want to hang out with him. Such is the rhetoric coming out of Ottawa these days. If you weren't yet convinced of just how crass our poli...

Putin’s Eleven: How Canada Can Save Ukraine

How many Russians do we need to sanction to make yet another entirely symbolic foreign policy statement? About 11. Harper has been tough on Putin since day one of the crisis in the Crimea. The rhetoric ha...

Tony Abbott Visits Harper and Canada: Best Friends

The hall of honour was truly at the height of it’s resplendency today. It would be of course. There being a state visit and all. But not just any state visit. Australia’s PM was due in town. Tony Abbott is c...