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Foreign Affairs

When Canada interacts with other countries, we make fun of it.

Canada’s Part in the Coalition Against ISIS

As perhaps the greatest current international threat to peace and democracy, the terrorist group, which has come to be known as ISIS, has taken the Middle East and news sources around the globe by their necks a...

Harper Ratifies Canada-China FIPA

Everyone has had a babysitter that overstepped its authority. If not, surely each can recall the moment when the elementary school teacher put a student in charge of the class when she left the room. What happe...

Harper to Address the UN

Stephen Harper, fresh faced and rosy cheeked from discovering one of the Franklin expedition ships, will address the United Nations later this month for the first time in three years. However, he won’t take par...

Stephen Harper to Deploy Canadian Armed Forces To Iraq

No, you did not read that title wrong. On Friday at a NATO summit in Wales, Prime Minister Harper announced his plan to deploy several dozen Canadian armed forces advisors into Iraq, which, over the past decade...

Quebec and Scotland: Partners in Separation

Prime Minister Harper recently made pilgrimage to the British Isles; the origins of his heritage. On his father's side, he mostly English. On his mother's, mostly Scottish, describing the union, "worked well fo...

Canada On Obama’s Environmental Wall of Shame

"Naming and Shaming" is what's at risk in Obama's newly thought up international climate change agreement, though despite the cleverly rhyming consequence, this voluntary pledge has about as much political grav...