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Foreign Affairs

When Canada interacts with other countries, we make fun of it.

“Get Out of Ukraine” Says Harper

“Get out of my yard, you whippersnappers!” goes the oft used saying of old men who yell at kids. Seldom do men use the expression when talking to other men, however, and even more seldom do statesmen at interna...

Harper Returns from China, “Danced With Dragons”

This Monday, our esteemed Prime Minister, a famed explorer (of oil fields), returned from his voyage to China, where CBC reports that he “danc with the dragon.” No, you aren’t mistaken—that is indeed a mildly r...

For Sale: Canada’s Diplomatic Residences

Well folks, it’s official: Canada’s Department of Foreign Affairs has announced that the Villa Grandi, the federal government’s official residence in Italy, is up for sale. The four story, 13,000 square foot ab...

Before War in Iraq: A Time to Reflect

Yom Kippur may have passed without much fanfare in Canada, as it does when one is in a Christian dominated... well, mostly everywhere. Yom Kippur is a Jewish Holiday. Its English Translation pegs it as a Day of...

Canadians Support Fighting ISIS (Sort of)

According to an Ipsos Reid poll conducted for Global Media, nearly 2/3 (a clear majority as it were) of Canadians support sending fighter jets to help the latest US led mission into the Middle East. The poll, c...

Scotland’s Salmond Pulls a Parizeau

While there was no cursing of “Money and the Ethnic Vote” after the Scots voted to keep the United Kingdom united, Scottish First Minister and leader of the separatist movement, Alex Salmond resigned his post. ...