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Federal Politics

The most important news from federal politics, the Canadian government and those folks in Parliament.

Death by Pension Plan: The Auditor General’s Report

On Groundhog Day, the Auditor General emerged from his hole to reveal the mystical secrets of just what the government has been screwing up recently. In seven reports, Auditor General Michael Ferguson raised is...

QUIZ – Who Said It: Kevin O’Leary or Donald Trump?

With the Conservative party looking for a saviour, and Donald Trump's seemingly unstoppable momentum in the United States, Kevin O'Leary has put his name forward as a potential candidate. The wealthy businessma...

Cabinet Comparison: Trudeau 2015 vs Harper 2011

Much has been made about Justin Trudeau’s campaign promise to have a Cabinet with gender parity. The promise evoked considerable fears that selecting more women meant selecting less talent. The argument, when l...

Democratic Party is Coming to Canada (Maybe)

Ah, so our 42nd Election has come and gone and Canada is back once more to the two party system with a landslide Liberal majority elected on October 19th and the Official Opposition made up of the 99 member Con...

Top 10 Picks For Next Conservative Leader

Let the speculation begin. While Stephen Harper seemed to, er, forget to resign on Monday night, the Conservative Party has made it clear that he's going to be going. Late Monday night, the Conservative Part...

Justin Trudeau: Ready or Not, Here He Comes!

It isn't the first time that JT has brought sexy back, nor the first time we've coronated a monarch based solely on their heritage. In Canada, they say it's only official once Peter Mansbridge has said it. And,...

Stephen Harper To Resign as Prime Minister

The following is at best a somewhat accurate approximation of the speech Stephen Harper just delivered   Let's be clear. I lost. But really, we lost, because I was all that held this country together...

Mulcair: New Democrat, Old-School Bland Politician

Too bad Tom. The slogan was "Defeat Harper with Thomas Mulcair". For New Democrat supporters this is a bittersweet compromise. They couldn't have their cake and eat it too. Mulcair's speech conveyed this. His p...

LIVE Canadian Election Coverage

DECLARED: LIBERAL MAJORITY Live Results Map   The True North Times is your one stop shop for tonight's federal election results. A live riding-by-riding electoral map will keep you updated with the ...