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It isn’t the first time that JT has brought sexy back, nor the first time we’ve coronated a monarch based solely on their heritage. In Canada, they say it’s only official once Peter Mansbridge has said it. And, as of 10:30PM this evening, Peter Mansbridge declared that the Liberals have formed a slim majority government, and will be governing through to 2019. Results are still coming in, but all were confident enough that Justin Mr. Trudeau, hair recently shorn, stepped on stage this evening and delivered his acceptance speech. Ladies and gentleman, the 23rd Prime Minister of Canada.

From “this is what positive politics can do” to “dear fellow citizens, you talked to me about the issues that are important to you and I listened to them”, his speech covered his journey to tonight’s surprising victory, garnering over 40% of the popular vote, which is to say, he spouted meaningless platitudes. Interestingly enough, proportional representation was lacking in a speech highlighting most of his other campaign promises. Given that his victory was just a few points above the lambasted “false majority” of the Conservatives in 2011, it is unlikely that proportional representation will be revisited during this mandate.

Our airwaves were saturated with ads saying that Justin Trudeau was not ready for being Prime Minister. Ready or not, here he comes.