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Three words are on the minds of Quebecers in the first stages of the Quebec Elections: Pierre Karl Péladeau.

Some are calling his recruitment to the Parti Québecois a bold move by a party that wants its majority. Still, others compare him to the Silvio Berlusconi due to his suspicious foray into politics while holding a near-monopoly of Quebec media companies. On that second accusation, I can assure you that Pierre Péladeau (or PKP, as he is known on the mean streets) is not nearly as cool as the Italian bunga-bunga celebrity. PKP had a common-law wife, and they are now separated. Berlusconi had many, many hookers. Case closed.


Don't mess with PKP.Graham Hughes/The Star

Don’t mess with PKP.
Graham Hughes/The Star


Still, the star PQ nominee has his merits. He’s a heavyweight celebrity who’s popular in Quebec City. Oh, and he’s filthy rich. His political stature may be already eclipsing that of PQ leader Pauline Marois, as columnists speculate that he will be her future successor. The guy’s been in politics for less than a day, has made one public appearance, and is already being considered as the next Premier. That’s a darn good record, if you ask me.

But all may not be going so well for Péladeau, as his first speech was marked by his ineptitude in communicating with the Press. Evidently mistaking them for some of his personal servants, the media mogul dismissed journalists when they asked about his shares in the Quebecor media company. Journalists, am I right? They should know better than speaking out of turn. My personal advice to Mr. Péladeau would be to do it à la Stephen Harper, and plan every journalist’s question in advance. No more bombshells at press conferences, no more uncomfortable silences, no more accountability. It’s a politician’s utopia.


Don't mess with PKP.Graham Hughes/The Star

Graham Hughes/The Star


Just think about it, the PQ is a pro-union, centre-left party that has made a point mockery of rejecting the corruption of the previous Liberal government. Pierre Péladeau busts unions, put Sun News on television, and refuses to sell his shares in Quebecor. They may be bonded together after all: through their love of cronyism. At this point, who even cares that Péladeau’s practices are unethical, or that his motives are questionable? His shadiness may well work to his advantage. We Quebecers have a habit – nay, a tradition – of electing corruptible politicians. And corruptible is only four letters away from corrupt.