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Western Canada

The Alberta election was apocalyptic and British Columbia is always busy being crazy. Read about all the politics and news.

BC High School Students Plan Walk-In

As Labour Day came and went, students across the country were herded back into schools like confused cattle into slaughterhouses. Teens from Nova Scotia to Yukon Territory crawled back into classrooms, many wis...

Fertility Doctor Denies Alberta Woman Biracial Family

Some things were just made to go together: peanut butter and chocolate, burgers and fries, and shotguns and moonshine. One could argue that it’s these beautiful marriages that make the world go ‘round. But o...

From Hanover to Hangover: Mennonite Community Gets Wet

Things might get a bit too turnt up in Hanover, Manitoba this weekend. After more than a hundred years of staying ‘dry,’ this week the predominately Mennonite community in Southeastern Manitoba has discovere...

Alberta Refuses Flood Compensation to DiPoce Family

For a booming province getting filthy rich in oil money, Alberta sure can be stingy. In the aftermath of the 2013 flood that destroyed more than $5 billion worth of property and displaced over 100,000 people, t...