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There are at least 37 groups in Canada opposed to the implementation of smart meters, used to automatically monitor usage levels, citing concerns about radiation, and wireless and electric pollution, which would lead to cancer and worse. They say smart meters double as wiretaps and transfer up-to-date information on every appliance, computer, and electricity source  in your home to the power company, the police, and anyone who might be listening.

While the veracity of those claims can’t be confirmed, Saskatchewan smart meters are catching fire, and almost a dozen homeowners have filed complaints after seeing the sides of their houses scorched.


This is what remains of a Smart Meter on the side of Brad McNair's home in Saskatchewan.Brad McNair

This is what remains of a Smart Meter on the side of Brad McNairn’s home in Saskatchewan.
Brad McNairn


So, we removed the old meters to put in smart meters, and are now removing the smart meters to put back in the old ones. Despite that the evil witches who run Saskpower want to give all the people in the land cancer, even they don’t want smart meters exploding at the side of people’s houses. Regrettably, this has led to 105,000 un-installations, at a total cost of $47 million. This is because they need to buy all the old meters again, because they didn’t keep the ones they removed from peoples’ homes.

What then was the cause of these explosions? Ignoring the “overheating cancer machine” explanation, SaskPower is contending that it was probably the fault of the weather. Yeah, because the Saskatchewan climate is so harsh and unpredictable, and quality control is hard.

What’s really upsetting is that everyone is just waiting for the littlest bit of proof that smart meters are unsafe to call for them being banned, and still no one bothered to check whether or not they melted in the sun. When we’re dealing with technology that already has popularity issues, we should at least try to make sure “may burn down your house” isn’t a possible side effect.