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Western Canada

The Alberta election was apocalyptic and British Columbia is always busy being crazy. Read about all the politics and news.

Horses Ruin Banff Trails

There’s nothing quite like hiking in the Rocky Mountains. The region boasts beautiful views, challenging terrain, and an abundance of horse shit. No, we aren’t talking about the Alberta Progressive Conservative...

Five Manitoba MLAs Resign from Cabinet

I can hardly believe the news, unable to determine whether we are in the midst of a divine miracle or witnessing a sign of the rapture. In all my politically disgruntled life, I never thought I'd live to see th...

A Perfect Attack Ad for Perfect Vancouver

Vancouver is the best ever. The Mayor is a total hunk who used to make a living squeezing fruit. There are mountains around the city, and residents love to talk about them. Sometimes Vancouver residents visit t...

Squamish Voter Apathy About To Go Up In Flames

Canadian voters tend to be apathetic. A simple Wikipedia search on Canadian voter turnout – which probably requires too much energy for the average voter – reveals numbers hovering around an uninspired 60% sinc...

Wildrose: Such Female, Much Progressive

Lately, Alberta’s Progressive Conservatives seem like the type of people Michael Moore would try to interview: old, white, and male. So out of touch! To be fair, they were always this way. The PCs have ruled Al...

BC Parents to BC Teachers: “Let’s Get Physical”

This Saturday, the BC Teachers' Federation met with the government for secret talks under a media blackout. The talks, attended by a mediator, continued until midnight. The next day, it became apparent that ano...

Petition to Return Horny Satan Statue to Vancouver

As a political satirist, there are good days and there are bad days. Sometimes the news is as stale as the dust bowl that sits atop Harper’s head, while other times the absurdity flows like the bountiful brown ...

Snow in Calgary: Is it Jim Prentice’s Fault?

This week, meteorologists at Environment Canada put their lives on the line by notifying Calgarians that fall was canceled. Residents were told that C-town would be skipping straight to winter with 5 cm of snow...