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Western Canada

The Alberta election was apocalyptic and British Columbia is always busy being crazy. Read about all the politics and news.

Alberta Adds 82,000 Jobs, Canada Loses 9,500

Let me tell you about a magical place where the rate of unemployment is 4.9%. The unemployment rate is so low that business owners need to import workers from overseas to work unskilled jobs for above minimum w...

Aboriginal Leaders Give Vancouver An Eviction Notice

When it comes to First Nations politics, Vancouver wants to have its cake and eat it too. There's a pattern here of two-faced policy that's got local Aboriginal leaders ready to evict the city of Vancouver off ...

Everyone in Alberta is Freaking Out About Licence Plates

What’s in a licence plate slogan? Would replacing “Wild Rose Country” with “” still smell as sweet? With the reactions over the change in the Alberta licence plate, you would think the provincial gove...

Natural Disaster Photo-Ops: Harper in Manitoba

Political photo-ops in disaster situations are old hat, but they’re really only fun when both sides are given equal opportunity to pose. Such was not the case for Mulcair in Manitoba. Open government, transp...

Tories Block Mulcair’s Manitoba Flood Tour

Sometimes the Harper government likes to flex their veto powers just 'cause. Last night, in a stunning move of cunning prissiness, Tory Defence Minister Rob Nicholson, rejected Thomas Mulcair's request to vi...

Brad Wall: It’s Time for Free Trade in Canada

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), set out to make trade in North America duty-free, yet that somehow never applied to trade between Canadian provinces, a scenario that western provincial leaders ...

Marc Emery “Prince of Pot” Leaves US Prison Today

Stoners of the world rejoice! Marc Emery, the arch-overlord of weed-activism in Canada, is coming home. After serving a five-year sentence in various American penitentiaries, Vancouver's "Prince of Pot" will b...