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The most distinct province also comes with a ton of crazy political news. Here’s all our Quebec coverage.

The 16th Annual Teddy Awards: Rewarding Failure

Every year, various award shows commend people on their accomplishments.  The Oscars, the Grammys, and the NHL Awards Show are just a few of such events.  However, the annual Teddy Awards which celebrated their...

“Une Maudite Poutine”: Quebec’s Big Mistake

Far from a gourmet taste experience, classic poutine (French fries, cheese curds, and gravy) is a typical, late-night, post-alcoholic-binge indulgence. Up there with Schwartz's smoked meat sandwiches, halal piz...

Canada’s NFL MVP’s (Most Valuable Politicians)

Philip Malone   As a die-hard sports fan, the end of the 2013-2014 NFL season has arrived far too soon. The conclusion that coincides with an unbelievably exciting time in Canadian politics got me ...

The Top 10 Unfortunately Named Places in Canada

We've taken you pumpkin racing in Nova Scotia, sea monster hunting off the coast of British Columbia, and you've seen the many gophers of Torrington, Alberta.Without further ado, here are the ten most unfortuna...

Crazy Canada from East to West

Canada, highest per capita for adorable and patriotic childrenAnirudh Kohl The first word that comes to mind when I think about Canada is hardcore. We're not afraid to be the first person to say sorry. We k...