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Who thinks politics and sports don’t mix? Quebec Premier Pauline Marois made us wish they didn’t after her attempt to wade into the sports realm ended in a PR tsunami. A weirdly-worded congratulatory address to the members of “a men’s hockey team” that singled out Quebec-born players of the Men’s Olympic squad didn’t even mention what country was being congratulated.  This isn’t the only highlight of Madame Marois’ eventful week.  From court summons to the imminent election call, it’s only going to get more interesting for Canada’s most controversial province.


As long as they didn't speak in "institutional bilingualism" we should be good.

Pauline Marois (left), meeting with the Governor of Massachusetts. It is unknown which of the official languages they used to communicate.
Deval Patrick


It’s been a long time coming for Pauline Marois. For the first time since winning a minority mandate in Quebec’s National Assembly in 2012, Marois’ party, the Parti Quebecois, has found itself in majority territory. This may largely be due to that pesky Secularism Charter that has gone over less-than-smoothly with religious minorities in the province. I guess the couple that questioned why Muslims pray with their shoes off, which sparked outrage among intelligent people worldwide, really helped galvanize the PQ’s support. So, uh, good on you, Mme. Marois. By hook or by crook, as they say.

Take note, Justin Trudeau. Apparently, you can win by dividing people.

Since poll numbers are a totally accurate way of predicting the outcome of an election that hasn’t been called yet, Pauline Marois has been basking in her newfound glory. Her cabinet ministers have also been making campaign-style promises. Minister Diane De Courcy, for one, pledged tougher language laws that would prevent the apocalyptic scenario of institutionalized bilingualism. Because nothing is worse than a country where people are fluent in both of its official languages. It appears that election season is already in full swing for the PQ.

The opposition parties haven’t been sitting idly by, either. The Quebec Liberal party and the Coalition Avenir Quebec passed a motion ordering Marois and her husband to attend a hearing regarding some shady dealings between the Premier’s husband and one of Quebec’s largest unions. This goes to show that the adage “behind every great man there’s a great woman” need not be so gender-specific. This is 2014, guys. It works both ways, and everyone is still a crook.

As the Quebec provincial parties are starting to air out one another’s dirty laundry, many a satirist’s mouth is watering. With the Quebec political atmosphere starting to heat up, let’s look forward to many gaffes, freudian slips, and other missteps in the weeks and months to come! Check back regularly for reports on the choicest hilarities that ensue as the illustrious Quebec Premier’s life gets more and more interesting.

Oh, and that Olympic team Marois was congratulating? It’s the Canadian one. You know, the one that won gold. In the Olympics.