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The most distinct province also comes with a ton of crazy political news. Here’s all our Quebec coverage.

La Serviette Rouge

Quebec electors – or at least those who manage to convince a registration official that they have the right to vote – are going to the polls on April 7th.  For those who have something to do that day, Le Direct...

The Economy: Quebec’s Forgotten Child

What do the electors of Quebec really care about? What seemingly is an unimposing question is actually the most difficult question to answer of this years electoral campaign. We hear a lot of news about the Cha...

Quebec 2014 – Debate Recap

Economy Social Issues Governance National Question Pauline Marois Philipe Couillard François Legault Françoise David - The PQ is Oprah. You get jobs! You get jobs! YOU get jobs...

Pauline Marois: Born P.M.

Irony.Montreal metropole culturelle   68 per cent of Canadians think Stephen Harper is dishonest (the other 32 per cent surely know he's dishonest, but that's beside the point).  Maybe it’s because ...