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The most distinct province also comes with a ton of crazy political news. Here’s all our Quebec coverage.

A Beginner’s Guide: The New Quebec Cabinet

    New Quebec Premier Phillipe “not-separatist” Couillard has unveiled his new Quebec cabinet. Since we no longer have the ability to understand politicians who do not mindlessly pander to ...

Philippe Couillard: The New Pope Francis?

  Our holy father, Philippe Couillard The Canadian Press/Jacques Boissinot   This Wednesday marked the beginning of Quebec’s Couillard government. After a mere 18 months of governance, the Parti ...

What if?: The Charter of Canadian English

'What if' is a series that imagines what would happen if the tables were turned. Today: what if the other provinces established their own language charters in the spirit of Bill 101?   At a recent meetin...

Canadiens, or Canadians?

The beginning of April is a wonderful time. The fierce winter begins to recede into the depths of an icy hell, Universities enter their final days of classes, and perhaps most importantly, the NHL and NBA post-...

Quebec Votes 2014 – What Happened Last Night?

Time for some hard anal(ysis)! The results have rolled on in, and man oh man was this an exciting race. Our TNT in-house poll projected: PLQ - 66, PQ - 46, CAQ - 11, and QS - 2. What we didn't count on was t...

Watching the Ridings – Quebec Election 2014

Everybody knows that in First Past the Post, some ridings are more important than others. Here's our analysis on some of the most shocking results on the evening, in some of the most contentious ridings. We'll ...

Quebec 2014 – LIVE Coverage #TNTqc

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