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Welcome to the True North Times’ interpretation of 24/SEVEN: a recap of the past week in the life of the Prime Minister of Canada, and more.


Ah, what an interesting week for the Prime Minister and his entourage of filmmakers. The highlight: our Prime Minister flew to South Korea where he struck a free trade deal with an Asian country for the first time ever.

But what else happened?

On Thursday, we heard a couple of politicians speak about the Maternal and Child Health Summit scheduled to be held in Toronto this May. Realistically, I could only focus on the constant changes in the camera angles during the interview with Lois Brown, MP for the Newmarket area.

Then, the narrator goes all Superfriends on us.

The PM’s wife, Laureen, was in Calgary for an awards presentation. I’m not really sure why this was mentioned in the video, but it’s always great seeing Mrs. Harper make her presence known.

Instead of writing an article on his videos the way I do on Friday nights, Harper spoke with the French and British Prime Ministers about the situation in Ukraine.

On the other side of Canada, we see Laureen continuing to hang out in Calgary, posing for an awkward photo with members of the Child Advocacy Centre.  A man on the left initially knelt down to pose for the photo, but must have felt uncomfortable and tried to stand up again. Unfortunately for him, the man behind him pushed him back onto his knee in an attempt to establish dominance in the picture.

Saturday was a day off for the Prime Minister, where he made sure to pack all his clothes and toys (though mostly toys, that little stinker) before leaving to South Korea on Sunday. He landed Monday night, which gave him plenty of time to work on his campaign to be the mayor of Toronto.

Tuesday saw a busy day for our leader. He met with Korean businessmen and the Korean President regarding the free-trade agreement reached between Canada and the nation.

“24SEVEN was there, and spoke with business leaders about the importance of this deal for Canada”. They spoke to a single business leader on a plane. That was the extent of the coverage.

*Unrelated note, but I wonder if this free trade agreement is going to make it cheaper to buy vehicles imported from South Korea. Ford Canada says this deal will flood Canada with foreign cars, which may induce some stronger competition, hint hint. A shame this was never mentioned.

The very next day, PM Harper was in B.C. where he spoke about the importance of trade.

The video then mentions (in passing) the lowering of the Canadian flag in Kabul to signify the end of the mission in Afghanistan. That’s kind of a big deal, I think, and should have probably had more of a mention, but hey, I’m not the producer of 24SEVEN.

Here’s what they missed:

– Stephen Harper revealed the types of beer he would have given to Barack Obama, had his national hockey teams defeated ours. Beau’s All Natural and Big Rock Breweries were chosen to represent us, which deserves HUGE ups because I thought for sure it would have been Molson Canadian and that would have made me sad. Word has it our editors will do anything for a case of Beau’s.

– Russia was called on by the Prime Minister to halt the referendum taking place in Crimea right now, and they were informed that Canada would not recognize its validity if it were to be completed. We may just have problems with referendums in this country, though. Given that it was just completed, chances are we will not recognize it.


Well, there she goes. Another week! I hope these videos start adding special effects or something to make them interesting.