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Pauline Marois Philipe Couillard François Legault Françoise David
– The PQ is Oprah. You get jobs! You get jobs! YOU get jobs!

– Couillard apart of the “same old” PLQ

– The PQ is bold. (Hopefully not like BlackBerry)

– Quebec is doing great! Our unemployment is comparable to Ontario. (Way to set the bar high)

– If you guys didn’t know, Couillard is actually Charest. Seriously. Go ask him.


– Marois’ investment into Quebec’s potential resources in the north is like buying a lottery ticket and saying you won without actually knowing. ZING!

– The PQ is wasting money. WHERE’S THE MISSING MONEY?! WHERE IS IT?! (repeat 3 times)

– Charest dug Quebec into debt because of the damage the PQ did before him.

– Legault has job-creation street cred, yo.

– Legault passive-aggressively asks everyone how many jobs they have actually created

– Legault says the PQ created 0 jobs. Legault creates jobs like it’s nobody’s business.

– Taxes, yo.

– David thinks they all suck

– Marois approved pipeline-related activities after an 8 day parliamentary commission. How the hell?

– The PQ created some jobs, but we’re better because we haven’t been corrupted with power yet.

Pauline Marois Philipe Couillard François Legault Françoise David
– We want lower taxes, and more services. (Wow, what a reasonable plan) – Trust me, I’m a doctor. – There’s too much bureaucracy! We have more people managing health care than actually providing services! – Legault is right on this one. Oh, also: I hate you all
Pauline Marois Philipe Couillard François Legault Françoise David
– PKP? Who?

– Don’t worry…we’ll set up a blind trust. And stuff.

– PKP! – PKP!

– This PKP guy owns 40% of Quebec media. He can’t enter politics. (See: Rupert Murdoch)

– PKP! Oh, and also: I hate you all.

– PKP? In Cabinet? NOPE.

Pauline Marois Philipe Couillard François Legault Françoise David
– We won’t be holding a referendum overnight. C’mon guys. You act like that’s our sole purpos– Uh.

– No referendum until Quebecers are “ready.” Takin’ things slow, baby.

– The PQ will protect Quebecers with the Charter of Values! Couillard will destroy it!

– Hijabs in the police force. Those exist.

– You ain’t voting for a referendum. You’re voting for a government. Duh.


– Marois is going to fire a shitload of minorities, eh?

– You don’t want a referendum? Vote for me.


– Is Marois going to hold a referendum?

– Marois can’t keep the PQ under control. Couillard is a fearmonger. VOTE FOR ME!

– I hate the Charter. And I hate you all.

– Vote for me, or I will hate you all.

– Also, oil is bad.