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Everybody knows that in First Past the Post, some ridings are more important than others. Here’s our analysis on some of the most shocking results on the evening, in some of the most contentious ridings. We’ll be updating throughout the evening.





Couillard has robbed Roberval from the PQ! This has been a PQ stronghold, and Couillard chose the district just to see if he could take it from the PQ. It looks like he could. He does also have a house there, but who cares about that, this was totally just a way to rub salt in the wound of the PQ. With CBC and CTV already predicting a Liberal government, we wonder how drunk Couillard will be when he walks on stage later tonight.



Don’t forget to read all about PKP’s big victory in Saint-Jerome on SunNews and TVA! In all seriousness, I wonder if he plans on selling his properties or resigning.



Legault’s successful assumption in L’Assomption leading to a discussion eruption, and a PQ corruption destruction. Guess the Charter was an injunction dysfunction. While the CAQ share of the vote is lower than expected, we’re sure Legault saw this coming, and that he’ll continue to build the party for years to come. He was hoping to be the balance of power, but that balance isn’t much further than his back porch.



Françoise David still hates everyone (except those who voted for her), and now she’ll be able to continue to voice that hatred from the National Assembly. We were all so worried.



Leo Bureau-Blouin has lost. The student movement is dead, long live the student movement! You’ll recall that he was the CLASSE spokesperson who ran for the PQ in 2012. I guess Marois’ broken promise has come home to roost.


D’Arcy McGee

Listed on the Global News riding to watch (for some reason), the riding has gone predictably Liberal, with an 89 point margin. That’s a mandate if there ever was one; now David Birnbaum can do whatever he wants.



Diane De-Courcy, noted Pauline Marois clone, a leading proponent on the Charter of the French language, has lost her seat by 9%, 39% to 31%. What an upset!



Pauline Marois has lost her seat. Pauline Marois is dead, long live Pauline Marois! Who knows who will replace her as leader!