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The most distinct province also comes with a ton of crazy political news. Here’s all our Quebec coverage.

Quebecor Sells the Sun to Postmedia

Yesterday saw the announcement that Postmedia is buying the 175 English language print and digital media titles Quebecor currently possesses. Quebecor Media is owned by the aspiring future king of the countr...

Quebec and Scotland: Partners in Separation

Prime Minister Harper recently made pilgrimage to the British Isles; the origins of his heritage. On his father's side, he mostly English. On his mother's, mostly Scottish, describing the union, "worked well fo...

New Quebec Separatist Movement Rises in Blanc-Sablon

The Parti Quebecois was destroyed in Quebec’s most recent provincial election. Bloc MPs are leaving their party to sit as independents. Traditional separatists are jumping ship left and right. So separatism is ...

Montreal Firemen Trash City Hall Over Bill 3, Pensions

When a child pulls the fire alarm during a test, they win some friends. The unprepared and nervous see the pullee as a saint, a bringer of second chances and serendipity. The studied and well-versed, on the oth...

Montreal to Rename University St. Robert-Bourassa Blvd?

Well, it’s about time! For far too long have I waited for a change like this to appear, the change of course being the renaming of Montreal’s city streets! I mean, for a secular society to have street names lik...