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The Parti Quebecois’ star figure and bane of existence Pierre-Karl Peladeau called a conference this morning to discuss what could only be a declaration of sovereignty for the Federal Socialist Happy-time Republic of Quebec.

Recently, the Coalition Avenir Quebec (CAQ) tabled a motion that would modify existing ethics laws in the province, but would leave Peladeau’s influence over Quebecor seemingly unhindered.  Seems legit.

In today’s conference, Peladeau walked on eggshells when talking about conflicts of interest and a potential leadership bid. By that, I mean he pretty much confessed that he wants the reins of the PQ so he could ride it off of a cliff. His conference was a subtle nudge, and the fact that someone recently registered 16 “Peladeau for PQ leader” website names is also a tiny bit relevant.



The Kim Kardashian of Quebec politics.


He told reporters that he would put his Quebecor shares in a blind trust if he ran for PQ leadership and won. That’s an if. He may not throw his hat into the ring. The comment was made just in case, right? We all remember when Peladeau said he would put his Quebecor shares in a blind trust if he was elected to the National Assembly, but later said he pledged only to do so if he was in a cabinet position. Never forget that this guy is a lawyer.

To reassure the principled, non-opportunistic base of the Parti Quebecois, Peladeau also promised to not influence the editorial content of media he has a stake in. He didn’t exactly say he wouldn’t meddle in their affairs if he wasn’t leader. Should we assume this is Peladeau legalese? If every Quebecor outlet calls PKP the greatest thing since buttered croissants covered in snails and crème brûlée, but Peladeau fails to become head of the PQ, there shouldn’t be any ethical concerns.

All this comes on the heels of Quebecor announcing the sale of their English news outlets to Postmedia Network Inc, owners of the National Post and Montreal Gazette.

Whatever PKP decides to do, we should fully support him. There is no better candidate for the Quebec Liberal Party than Pierre-Karl Peladeau.