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The most distinct province also comes with a ton of crazy political news. Here’s all our Quebec coverage.

McReferendum Debate Unsettlingly Familiar

British TV presenter Dan Snow presents a letter to Scottish voters from the Let's Stay Together campaign, asking them to vote against independence in the Scottish independence referendum. Matthew Knight/AP ...

Is Jean-Francois Fortin a Bloc-Breaker?

Lately, the Bloc Quebecois has had a free pass. The party has been able to do pretty much whatever it wanted without anyone noticing because, well, no one cares anymore. As of last week, there were only four Bl...

We’re Keeping CEGEP: Couillard Rebuffs Young Liberals

There’s trouble in paradise, and it turns out trouble’s name is CEGEP.  At the Quebec Liberal Party Youth Wing’s annual convention in Sherbrooke this Saturday, Phillip Couillard gave the youth’s dream of ditchi...
Fuck the po-lice

Montreal Police Dons Camo To Protest Pension Reform

«On n'a rien volé (nous)!» «Libre négo!» Both of these statements are plastered on the side of just about every bus, police car, and ambulance in La Belle Province (Quebec) in a half-hearted attempt at gaining ...

Quebec Budget-Cutting Commission to Cost Millions

Quebec's new government rode to their landslide victory on the promise of fiscal accountability, pledging balanced budgets and an end to wasteful spending. It'll just cost a few million dollars. In a provinc...

Lise Thibault Will Never be Royal Despite Best Attempt

Lise Thibault, former Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec (pronounced “leftenant” if you speak English and “la calisse de la Reine” if you speak Québécois) will be going to court, after a judge determined that she wi...

Are Montreal Boroughs Headed For a Referendum?

The family motto of the Greyjoys in George R.R. Martin's Game of Thrones is "what is dead may never die." It also happens to be perfect for Quebec separatists too, after the recent discussions about the future ...

Record High Quebec Gas Tax to Increase, Again

If you're in Montreal, look towards the nearest gas station (unless you're driving, in which case pull over, and read the rest of this article), and you should see a price around 149.4¢/L, the average gas price...