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Canada stands in solidarity with Ukraine and its people. Prime Minister Harper has been a shining beacon of light on the world stage, denouncing the old Soviet-era mindset of Putin’s Russia. This government has shown, with both the Ukraine and Israel, that we are no longer afraid to take a real, meaningful stance on international affairs.

Stephen Harper has done a tremendous amount of work for our Ukrainian allies, like placing sanctions on a couple of Russians. However, his unwavering support for Ukraine became clear when the government pledged financial aid to the newly-minted Ukrainian government’s efforts to stabilize. There’s just one little caveat in all this; it’s been four months, and Ukraine is yet to receive the aid they were promised.

It was only a mere $200 million that Ottawa stated they would give to Ukraine. As we’re new at this whole “lets actually take a stance on things” personality, I didn’t know we were expected to follow through with commitments we made. Words should suffice. Ukraine obviously doesn’t understand social norms. We offered them a bunch of cash, and they really should have politely said “no thanks.” Anything else is just tacky.

The Ukrainian sour-grapes aren’t to happy about this. An envoy to Canada remarked “I don’t want to offend the Canadian government, but frankly, I am at the end of my patience.”

You’re at the end of your patience? We are the ones who have to wait a whole year to see if this pandering brings Ukrainian-Canadian votes to the Conservative Party. We’re giddy with anticipation!

The President of the Ukrainian-Canadian Congress also voiced his discontent, saying “We’re very surprised that Canada, which considers itself one of Ukraine’s best friends on the international stage, has still not delivered what Ukraine really needs today: that is money and non-lethal military aid to defend themselves.”

The envoy to Ottawa wasn’t being any nicer, when he said “They promised quite a lot. We want to see something.”

Jeez. You guys are so needy. Just relax. We’ll get to it when we get to it.

We understand the bureaucratic process is very long but there are people dying each and every day.” says envoy Prystaiko

John Baird’s office fired back, declaring “I don’t think anyone can say Canada hasn’t pulled its weight in its support for a prosperous and democratic Ukraine.”


What more do you greedy bastards want? Radio-Canada

What more do you greedy bastards want?


Exactly. Canada has pulled its weight. We dragged ourselves up onto the world stage, pledged support for an ally in need, and had to walk back all the way back to our table near the mini-bar.


  • SteveAbbott

    Our measly $200 Million is only a token that need never be delivered. Its like a non-negotiable six-foot cheque. The real support we already delivered is worth several orders of magnitude more. After all when you’ve just implemented a questionable coup d’etat, funded by the CIA and fully backed by US talking head politicians, you are on shaky ground, especially when that coup was timed to head off an internationally negotiated settlement of grievances, that would have taken effect within hours. You need a pretty broad spectrum propaganda campaign to cover your tracks, and you don’t want your talking points all delivered by the same CIA channels. It wouldn’t look good. This is where you need an enabler…. a Blair, so to speak…. a front man…. someone to make it appear that the manipulation and paid activism are more universally accepted than they really are. Harper’s government provided that role this time, as Blair had moved on. Be proud, Canada, this is us having relevance on the world stage, and as for the silly people who think the money was actually supposed to end up in greasy Ukrainian hands,… ?? Well, don’t they know that fronting for a neo-Nazi takeover in this day and age, is a commitment worth a hundred times that much? God, where do these people grow up?

  • Ian Coutts

    This statement of support, and offer of help, is not unlike many things this government has done. A “Fair Elections Act” that makes elections less fair, multiple “Safer Streets and Communities” initiatives that would endanger people, and more, show that what this government says is not what it means.