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As we reported yesterday, Rob Ford celebrated his 45th birthday. Despite not having attended the festivities at his own campaign headquarters he did decide to celebrate his own birthday in the best way he knows how: he went to a bar. Since Crabby Joe’s Tap and Grill was the nearest and best he could find, that’s where he headed to celebrate.

In a truly impressive feat, Rob Ford stuck to his rehab regimen while at a bar on his birthday: he only drank diet soda according to the staff at the bar. Since he used to characteristically act like a college delinquent, and college delinquents usually go to bars to get blackout drunk on their birthdays, this is an amazing step for Mayor Ford. He went to a bar on the day of the year where it is most likely that others will pay for his booze, and he stuck to soda.


The stein is filled with waterCraig Robertson

The stein is filled with water
Craig Robertson


Though the recent debacle with Ford’s former rehab inmate friend LeeAnne McRobb driving his car drunk made us feel like the rehab centre wasn’t doing such an outstanding job, this new Ford incident changes the perspective a little. They’ve taken what we all to assumed to be an impossible case and got him drinking diet soda in a bar on his birthday. Most recovering addicts hesitate to even go into bars for fear of temptation. Rob Ford just feels so comfortable there. The irony of leaving rehab to go to a bar is not lost on us, but Rob Ford did not drink.

Really, it’s hard not to be proud of Mayor Ford. He’s come a long way. He’s gone through crack addiction (though he claimed he was never addicted), alcoholism and being mayor of a city that has been relentlessly mocked, and come out of all of it a better man. The only thing he still has to overcome is the fact that every action he takes becomes a national news story. We believe in you, Rob.