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Today, it was revealed that the Ontario Progressive Conservatives used Russian stock media in their campaign videos and posters. In a time where our Condemner-in-Chief has repeatedly warned of the dangers of the newSSR, why would Tim Hudak allow such an anti-Canadian campaign to run under his watch?

Folks, I’m the biggest Canadian patriot that this nation has ever seen. If I was standing next to Sir John A. MacDonald wearing a beaver-pelt coat, soaked in maple syrup, with pockets full of timbits, you would call him a turncoat. Justin Trudeau breathes this country through his bones? I breathe this country through the various fibres of my cartilage.

When I see things like this in the news (once I filter past the articles of Ponyboy Trudeau swearing at events), I lose faith in the future of our great Confederation. The Ontario Tories say they would prefer to talk jobs rather than their economic alliance with the Reds. But, Mr. Hudak, you pledged to create millions of jobs for Ontarians. Why are you outsourcing work that could have been done by your hardworking brothers and sisters in the Province of (Lost) Opportunity.

Prime Minister Harper has no intention to renew his Economic Action Plan advertisement campaign. After funding millions into the project, many Canadians still find themselves unemployed (likely due to funding millions into the actual production of advertisements, rather than the actual Action Plan itself). I don’t like giving out approximate figures, seeing as it is always used by the liberal media-elites to turn my arguments against me—but I’m going to do it anyways. Let’s assume 50% of the Canadian media industry works for the CBC. Let’s also assume that the other 50% was directly involved with the Economic Action Plan Action Campaign of Economic Advertising. Why would Hudak pass on the opportunity to help out his fellow Canadians when the socialists at the CBC continue their ride on the public dime? Instead of employing the former producers of the Economic Action Plan campaign, Hudak has given them the cold shoulder when it comes to his electoral campaign? It’s shameful. Nobody should compare Tim Hudak to Mike Harris.

Mr. Hudak, I served with Mike Harris. I knew Mike Harris. Mike Harris was a friend of mine. Sir, you’re no Mike Harris.

I call on Mr. Hudak to produce fully Canadian content for his election campaign. I’m a proud conservative, but his blatant attack on Canadian values makes me hesitant to vote for him.