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(TIMELINE) The Chronicles of Thomas Mulcair

Thomas Mulcair, leader of the Official Opposition and NDP has a long career dating back to provincial politics, private law, and serving as the executive of a handful of organizations. He served for nearly 15 years in the Quebec National Assembly, and a stint as the Minister of the Environment. He made waves as Quebec’s first NDP MP and went on to become the party’s leader. Critics and colleagues alike hail Mulcair’s excellent debate and questioning performance in Parliament. It’s what years of experience can do. Considering the multitude of things Mulcair has done throughout his life, it can be hard to remember it all. The True North Times has put together an interactive timeline that chronicles the political history of Thomas Mulcair, current leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition . It is the second in our 5 federal leader timelines that will be released every day until election day. Sit back and enjoy our interactive timeline. You may learn a thing or two. We sure did.



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