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This morning, the second most-important Mulroney (regarding media matters at least), will begin his media empire: Brian Mulroney is to be named Chairman of Quebecor Inc. Well, they say a dynasty is built a generation at a time, and now Ben can inherit an empire.


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The birth of an empire


Yes, yes, you may recall that Pierre Karl Peladeau, former President and CEO of Quebecor Inc., defender of the sovereignists and crusader for the disenfortuned, put his holdings in a “blind” trust, which means he has no control over how the assets are managed. Joe Clark once famously referred to such arrangements as Venetian blind trusts, as there is often little effort made to actually prevent active asset management.

This comes after virtually everyone at Quebecor resigned (including many of its stockholders) amid health issues, concerns that PKP will continue to meddle in the affairs of the company, and uncertainty in the face of a hostile regulatory environment from Ottawa as the company prepares to break into telecommunications.

However, surely much to PKP’s surprise, Quebecor has been handed over not to Jean-Guy Nextdoor, or at least another typical Quebecer PKP could identify with, but a prime minister who’s fame is federal and whose beliefs are federalist. Though Mulroney mentored PKP, he was disappointed when Pierre joined the PQ!

Rumour has it that Quebecor was worried that Peladeau’s separatist influence is poisoning their chances at expansion. They must hope that Mulroney can smooth over opponents in Ottawa, and get Quebecor back on the quickly expanding federal map so that they can take over all of Canada, instead of just the little republic of Quebec. With Mulroney in charge instead of PKP, it means that instead of trying to influence the Quebec electorate, they’ll try to influence the whole federal Canadian electorate!

It is this journalist’s opinion that PKP wasn’t consulted at all in this selection process, however that reality does have a silver lining. It means that his blind trust is actually blind, which makes it the only institution in Quebec that isn’t obviously corrupt.