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The New Democratic Party of Ontario has unveiled their election platform, detailing their goals for Ontario.

What’s in it? Increased corporate taxes. Tax credits for caregivers. Tuition freezes. Increased funding for bike lanes. Let’s break down the Ontario NDP full platform.

Aptly named “Andrea Horwath’s Plan That Makes Sense”, it pledges to:

  • “Respect your tax dollars and invest responsibly” (Because not respecting your tax dollars is so passé)

How will she spend tax dollars responsibly? By creating a government position that is supposed to save money (Ministry of Accountability). What else? Create another government position that basically does that same thing, but before money-wasting happens (Financial Accountability Officer). Gee, I wish we thought of that earlier.

  • “Reward job creators and get Ontario moving again” (Because we’ve enjoyed the sauntering pace of Ontario for so long)

Horwath makes a daring move by planning to employ those who are over the age of 55. It was only a matter of time before she creates an army of old men proletariat.

  • “Take the HST off hydro and make life more affordable” (Because an expensive life is a lavish life)
  • “Cut ER wait times in half and make healthcare a priority” (Because nobody else wanted to put healthcare first)

Ontario will attract more doctors by forgiving student debt.

  • “Keep schools open and foster healthy communities” (Because unhealthy communities are only a fad)

Horwath would like to start a “Student Achievement Program” to help students succeed. I thought those were called grades.

Typical NDP. They want to cut taxes for small business and leave corporations out to dry. Big business has been the foundation of Ontario’s economy since our nation’s inception. They built the iconic CN Tower, international landmarks, and a empty gas plant construction site. But Horwath’s focus is on protecting small business.


Andrea Horwath, not proposing to create X number of jobsCanadian Press

Andrea Horwath, stubbornly refusing to create [insert number here] jobs
Canadian Press


Nowhere in the plan can you find an outrageous estimation of how many million jobs Horwath will create. The NDP is already encouraging a lack of ambition. We all remember the Bob Rae years. Ontario was once a barren wasteland, devoid of any life and culture. And then Bob Rae formed the government.

The NDP turned the “every man for himself” mindset that brought Ontario innovation and competition to “Hey, I’m unemployed and I want handouts.” Based on this new platform, obviously there’s more of that to come.