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2015 isn’t even here yet, and there are already allegations of improper election practices, with recorded phone calls being used as proof. What is even more bizarre is that this conflict is going on between two members of the same party.

John Mykytyshyn, consonant-lover and advisor to Natlia Lishchyna claims records of a polling firm hired by their campaign has proof of Eve Adams’ campaign has been buying Conservative Party memberships for her supporters. In some cases, he said, those polled said they were simultaneously members of the Liberal Party and Conservative Party, a violation of both parties’ constitutions — the only time either would care about constitutional integrity.

Elections Canada allows candidates to buy memberships during nomination races, as long as they are declared, but the Conservative Party forbids the practice.

Mykytyshyn accused Eve Adams’ husband and former spin-doctor to Stephen Harper, Dimitri Soudas, of buying Conservative Party memberships as well.


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The Spin Doctor
In the Loop


A source wrote to Lishchyna’s campaign, stating “I said that I have always voted Liberal and that I wasn’t interested in being a Conservative member. He said that it didn’t matter, because he just needed me to join so I could vote for Eve, and that when it came to election time, it didn’t matter if I didn’t vote Conservative.”

You have to admire his persistence, right? That’s the only way to get ahead these days. Soudas allegedly paid for the source’s party membership for her, and her entire family. What a nice guy.

Soudas is not denying he paid for party membership; it was supposedly because the registrants did not have any cash on hand. Do me a solid, bro.

Calling it a “massive voter fraud” by the Adam’s campaign, Mykytyshyn lovingly named Soudas “Canada’s most acclaimed spinner, liar and bullshitter.” There you have it, folks. We’ve found our Malcolm Tucker.

Soudas shot back with two words to describe his accuser, but did so off the record. We can only speculate what he called him. A meany-face? Poopie-head?

The mudslinging shows no sign of stopping. Soudas did what he does best, and dug up records of Lishchyna donating to a Liberal riding association while also serving on the board of a Progressive-Conservative riding association. Juicy.

In totality, this is a wonderful example of the closed, and bitterly divided nomination races that the Conservative Party undertakes. Some believe that nomination races conducted by the party unfairly lean towards incumbent MPs.

Talk about fair elections.