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Western Canada

The Alberta election was apocalyptic and British Columbia is always busy being crazy. Read about all the politics and news.

Carter Isn’t Big on XL

This week, the beloved Jimmy Carter became the first former American President to take a stance against the proposed Keystone XL pipeline that would carry Alberta tar sand to refineries in the United States. Hi...

The Plane is Gone, but the Pain Goes On

First class.Doug   Are you looking for a great job?  Do you love vacations?  Unfortunately, the odds aren’t in your favour.  Lucky Canadians get a few weeks of vacation every year.  Some don’t take ...

Alison Redford: Canada’s Gandhi?

Alberta Premier Alison Redford speaking last month.Premier Alison Redford   Another prominent Conservative stepped down yesterday, and in doing so put another dent in Canada’s grand old party.  Sure...

Premier Redford has forgotten her wallet

Recently, Alison Redford, the premier of Alberta, found herself in hot water after racking up a pretty hefty bill on the way to South Africa. Premier Redford and her aide kept adding onto the bill, but it wa...

The 16th Annual Teddy Awards: Rewarding Failure

Every year, various award shows commend people on their accomplishments.  The Oscars, the Grammys, and the NHL Awards Show are just a few of such events.  However, the annual Teddy Awards which celebrated their...

The Top 10 Unfortunately Named Places in Canada

We've taken you pumpkin racing in Nova Scotia, sea monster hunting off the coast of British Columbia, and you've seen the many gophers of Torrington, Alberta.Without further ado, here are the ten most unfortuna...