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Canada’s favourite angry man is sadly leaving his post as Minister of Foreign Affairs. His tenure was marked famously by cats, yelling, and other stuff. While John Baird is not telling folks where he is going next, we can still speculate. That’s our job, right? So here it is. A list of 10 things The Honourable John Baird may do now that he isn’t shouting “CANADA WOO!” on the world’s stage. Sure, you can predict he’ll be working at the UN or private sector, but what’s the fun in that? In any case, Mr. Baird, we know the best is yet to come. Your sitcom will be what saves network television. Thank you.



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  • SteveWarner57

    My God, HILARIOUS!

  • DanW

    Was the part about “Straight Talk” meant to be a double entendre?

  • DocGuin

    They left out a few possibilities… he could star in a sitcom as a crooked lawyer with a lisp, or maybe play the part of a low level politician in a job that is way over his head, perhaps a poorly dressed double talking lobbyist who just never wins so he quits. He fits them all so well.