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First class. Doug

First class.


Are you looking for a great job?  Do you love vacations?  Unfortunately, the odds aren’t in your favour.  Lucky Canadians get a few weeks of vacation every year.  Some don’t take their vacation time because their workplace culture makes it very difficult to leave without forfeiting their jobs.  Yet there is a light at the end of the tunnel.  Some offices not only encourage their workers to take vacation, they also pay to fly them to their destinations!  Wouldn’t you love to be Alison Redford’s daughter’s nanny?

Yesterday, evidence surfaced that the former Alberta Premier, Alison Redford, used her government’s plane for at least one vacation.  On a one flight, she brought her daughter’s nanny.  Further, on several other occasions, Redford flew her personal assistant, her daughter, and daughter’s friends to the swanky Jasper Park Lodge “to meet government officials”.  Would I bring my daughter and her friends to meet government officials?  Sure.  If I was Bev Oda I’d also bring a $16 glass of orange juice and a passport to flavour country.  The point, folks, is that Ms. Redford’s jaunt to the Rockies was nothing out of the ordinary.

You might be repulsed by the idea that a politician could fly her family on a government plane for a weekend of fun on the public dime.  You might think, “oh no, next stop Italy!”  Well if that’s what troubles you, go ahead and calm down.  Redford isn’t on Berlusconi’s level—Silvio paid for those parties out of his own pocket.

Anyway, if you look at this objectively, you’ll notice that this is a wonderful opportunity.  There are thousands of public officials across our fair country, and hundreds of them hold positions of significant importance and power.  Add it up.  This means there are lots of jobs available for people hoping to be Alison Redford’s nanny.  Look for the golden handcuffs and check your conscience on the tarmac!  You’ll have plenty of vacation, and you’ll never even have to feel bad for taking it.